Scent accesses an ancient part of us through the limbic system of the brain.

Each Pomander works with the vibration of Colour, Crystals and Plant extracts
to cleanse, clear and protect your electromagnetic field and space.

The Pomanders
The Aura-Soma Pomanders are essentially protective; they are used for
cleansing, refreshing and strengthening the electromagnetic field around the physical body.  The pomander introduces the energies of colour, to help bring
into our experience the positive messages of that colour.

Each pomander contains 49 herbal extracts and essential oils, crystal energies
and the vibration of colour.  Seven herbs for each of the seven charkas or
energy centres of the body. There are 15 different Pomanders available, listed
below is an example of their use.

Protecting the electromagnetic field. Ideal for clearing spaces, bringing in light
and renewing energies. Good for cleansing or clearing crystals. 

The pink pomander surrounds us in a loving atmosphere, helping us to bring
out the best in ourselves. Specific for harmonizing group energies, and for neutralizing aggression 

Deep Red
Warming and energising.  Protective from “energy zapping”.  Helps to balance electro-magnetic polarities of the body.

Brings back energy in a gentle way. Good for grounding after meditation. Both
Red and Deep Red de-stress the electro-magnetic fields.

To learn how to love and care in a new way. Healing of unrequited love issues, especially of the self.

Helps to let go of negative experiences of the past, ideal for small frights and
shocks when we need to get ourselves back together again. Works in the
etheric body.

Gold helps us to reconnect to our instincts, to brining in our wisdom and
overcome fears.

Brings back the sparkle. Helps with nervousness, helps to antidote the blues, especially for SAD – Season Affected Disorder.  Helpful for assimilating
new knowledge.

Olive Green
Cleansing and refreshing our space. Helps to overcome anxieties, fears and disappointments that have to do with feelings.  Encourages feminine leadership
from the heart co-operation not competition.

Emerald Green
Calming, balancing and centering, brings peace to the emotions.  Wonderful
for the heart chakra, opening and calming the heart, helping to expand the
breathing. Provides the space to find our own way and to free ourselves of
old ideas.

Creative communication of the heart, from the feeling side of our being. 
Encourages independence and the ability to take responsibility for our feelings
and actions.  Enhances communication with Crystal and Devic Kingdoms.

Sapphire Blue
“Communication that comes through us and to lift us from suffering”. The
Blue pomanders support the highest communication of love, fostering the inspirational and devotional aspects.  Supportive in meditation, bringing
protection and peace.  The Sapphire relates to the pure Blue and the throat, provides support for those who speak publicly or teach.  For hyperactive
children, it may bring calm, peace and tranquility.

Royal Blue
‘Inner peace, inner seeing.’ Relates to the brow and third eye, fosters the development of the higher mind functions. Opens to imagination and intuition. 
For those working with sound- chanting, mantras and to enhance the enjoyment
of listening to music.

‘Calming and healing; beautiful before meditation.’
Opens perception and awareness of the higher realms, helps us to connect
with our mission and purpose. Good for calming all situations. Supports the
process of relaxation. 

Deep Magenta
For those who have given all their energy to others and now need to receive
caring for themselves. Brings love from above to the Auric Field. Combining
the Red and Violet energies, the Magenta pomander is both energising and
soothing at the same time.  Helps to keep focused.  Harmonises the intellect
and the instinct.  Very helpful to stabilize treatments that work on particular
reflexes or energy points, such as acupuncture and reflexology.

How to Use
Place 3 drops of your chosen pomander into the palm of your left hand, rub
your hands together and pass them through the energy field around your
body/your aura - front, back and sides, from above your crown to your feet. 
Inhale deeply three times. Repeat as required. The energy stays in your aura
for approximately 2-3 hours.

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