It’s time to put the colour and meaning back into YOUR life.

Your spirit has directed you here to get the answers and connections you seek.

 From her first library card at the age of 8 years Joycelle would get armfuls of Astrology, tarot and anything that looked spooky or occult from the Feilding Municipal Library. Her favourite book boasted the lady with the gypsy scarf on the front. 

Joycelle learnt all things metaphysical through books then from deep discussions with like-minded and experienced psychics that she attracted over the years.

After a gift of tarot cards she became passionate with these mystical  meanings in developed a deep affinity to the imagery. After much coaxing she became experienced in reading for others . She now reads every day for an international database of followers and clients travel to see her rooms in Tauranga, New Zealand. Joycelle has a novel and fun course on how to become an astute tarot reader.

Joycelle loves to travel and will always have a pack of cards on hand, in her handbag or the tiniest cards you can find set into a keyring! Over the years she has read for people on cruise ships, sitting on a bench in Central Park, New York and on the banks of the Thames. It seems worldwide people love to see what answers lie in the cards and Joycelle loves to see the smiles on their faces as they enjoy a reading! Connecting with departed loved-ones soon became her greatness joy. Joycelle believes it is a gift for everyone not for the gifted… so in 2010 she wrote her second book spreading the bliss of mediumship for everyone!

Wow… what love at a Red Cross book sale a few years ago Joycelle managed to secure her own copy of that book where it all began!


Join Me Because …

  • I want you to have an enjoyable positive experience and to connect with your departed loved-ones.
  • I won’t tell you fluffy spiritual meaningless things, or guess or let my ego get in the way of an authentic reading.
  • I won’t sell you things you don’t need.
  • Aura-Soma consultations for children under 14 are free! Just buy their chosen bottle.
  • I provide on-going training after my courses and are always happy to offer insight or recommendations.
  • I have over 30 years of expertise with Tarot and clairvoyance.