Love and Partnership

I ordain my soulmate by divine selection. I give thanks for my marriage which was made in Heaven to now be manifested upon earth under grace!

Job or career

 I give thanks for the right job by divine selection.

House sale

I give thanks for the right purchaser giving the right price making for perfect satisfaction, under grace!


I  deny all loss, what is mine is mine by divine right and now returns to me under grace!

I ordain my higher-self to find what I am looking for right now under grace!

Psychic ability and Intuition

I trust my intuition for I AM always in contact with universal wisdom and truth!

Money and improved finances

I am tremendously successful. Money flows to me in abundance. The bank of God (or Universe/ Indefinite Spirit) never fails to supply to my every need.


I deny all debt what is mine is by divine right. All debts are squared in the divine plane. What is owed to be is now received under grace.

Hope/ Faith

Everyday and in Everyway things are getting better and better!

Despair/ Destitute

In the name of Jesus Christ, I cast these burdens to the Christ within and I now go FREE under grace.

Successful Career or Business

I have a Wonderful job/business. In a Wonderful way I give Wonderful service for Wonderful pay!

I highly recommend “The Writings of Florence Scovel Shinn.” A wondrous metaphysical consultant / teacher from the 1920s who self-published four books on self-help manifestation and mastery! Check out a copy from for free worldwide freight.

The Game of Life and How to Play It!

Your Word is Your Wand

The Secret Door to Success

The Power of the Spoken Word.

Please contact me if there is an area of your life you need a snappy inspiration, or affirmation for!