Your life is collection of senses which desire to be gently and effortlessly fulfilled to discover a wondrous sense of balance.   ~ Joycelle


How do you really feel?  Are you stuck in grief or loss? Is PSTD, forced lockdowns? Is or uncertainty in your career and livelihood worrying you right now?  Are you feeling blocked and need something tangible to help move you on? Change can and will happen.

An Aura-Soma® consultation is a marvellous opportunity to attain peace and joy, whilst connecting with your inner knowing and attaining a deeper understanding of you. This is the only healthcare holistic healing modality where you are the key. You choose what you want to look at and how you are to bring about the change your soul seeks at any given moment.

 Aura-Soma is a supportive colour care system where Equilibrium bottles, or Living Jewels as I like to call them, are the core of giving back to you at a deeply profound level, simply, pick 4 bottles to begin.

All Aura-Soma is made of living energies from the three kingdoms; mineral (crystal and gems), plant (herbs and essential oils) and HUE-MAN (colour and light).  Equilibrium bottles are applied to the skin and work through the lymph system, working from inside outwards whereas Pomanders and Quintessence work from the auric field inwards and the Air Conditioners work around our auras and in the spaces we work and play in!

Aura-Soma® was founded by Vicky Wall who conceived their vision and their manufacture in deep spiritual mediation and inspiration.  She believed we are the colours we choose and our specific choices will mirror our soul enabling us recognise ourselves innately. Each bottle is a dynamic dual-colour combination that will twinkle and speak to us! They contain energies of colour from both the plant and mineral kingdom, sourced ethically and with deep love. Each bottle contains an upper fraction of oil contents which rests upon the bottom water fraction.  When shaken together in the pharmaceutical-grip (how to use) we see both fractions mix to a new array of colour and the silky contents become like the consistency of asses milk; loved by the ancients such as Cleopatra.

Aura-Soma currently has over 120 Equilibrium Bottles, plus Pomanders, Quintessence and ArcAngeioi and Air-Conditioners and Body Products within the range to support the very best of you, along your journey, as you discover why you are here and what you are here for.

Choosing to use an Equilibrium bottle on your body will help you to overcome current blocks and help you gain a deep understanding of yourself on a mental emotional and spiritual level. Aura-Soma is a holistic opportunity to bring about change with what you choose for you at any given time. You are the key to your future.