Eye illuminaire

Eye illuminaire

Eye illuminaire is particularly effective for tired or strained eyes to help restore and to re-balance the eye. The Eye illuminaire was innovated by Vicky Wall, who used to pick pansy petals and place them upon her eyes whenever they were very tired. It offended her to think that pansies gave up their lives for her benefit so she searched for the energies of the Eye illuminaire.

Over a period of regular use, the after-colour will change and it has been reported that it can result in improved vision. If you suffer continual eyestrain, please consult your optician.

Instructions for use:

If you wear spectacles or contact lenses remove before use. Hold the bottle by the cap and keep the glass close enough to the open eye to allow the colour ray to penetrate the eye whilst keeping the other eye closed. Hold towards a light source – this should not be in direct sunlight. Daylight is preferred. Now count for 33 seconds then keep the eye closed to see the after colour within the eye, alternatively look onto a white surface immediately after the count of 33. Always treat both eyes.

The Eye illuminaire modifies to your needs and may change colour slightly during use, however when the purple magenta colour has changed to a pale green discontinue use and discard the bottle.

Common colours seen can indicate:

  • Blue/Royal Blue – Third eye is becoming active
  • Pink/ Pink Magenta – The eye is healthy
  • Yellow / Green (or other colours) Normally signifies the eye is imbalance and work is taking place.

NB: DON’T OPEN THE BOTTLE. This product is not to be used internally or externally. It’s colour therapy only and not to be used as eye drops. Do not use another person’s product. DO NOT look directly at the sun whilst using this product.

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