Feng shui, also known as Chinese geomancy, is an ancient Chinese traditional practice which claims to use energy forces to harmonize individuals with their surrounding environment. The term feng shui means, literally, “wind-water”. From ancient times, landscapes and bodies of water were thought to direct the flow of the universal Qi – “cosmic current” or energy …  Also work with the current Chinese animal each year.

There are many Feng Shui experts online and courses you can follow. I like to share my basics ideas which I follow to bring about a sense of peace in the home.

Entrance/ Doorway

The front door is like the mouth of the home bringing in all that is good. Keep it clutter-free and inviting. A balance of two “money trees’ is said to bring good financial fortune into the home. The best colour for a front door is blue! A welcome mat is functional and sets the intention of the home. Try to walk out this door regularly to keep the energy following. If you remove your shoes to enter then keep them off to the side of the front door. Keep the entranceway bright cheerful and maintained. That is fix any broken locks, knockers or glass and paint the area if needed.

Main Bedroom

Pictures or artwork with water scenes is not recommended, nor is photographs of family no matter how beautiful they are! Make sure you can see the bedroom door from where you sleep. Give each other room equal space by each side of the bed and in closets. If you have an ensuite its not recommended to see the toilet from the bed, if this is the case, keep the door shut. Any bedroom should flow: Rest, Relaxation and Romance! Red is not a good colour to use in a bedroom as its too energising. Use Aura-Soma Lady Nada Air-Conditioner to bring about love harmony in the room. I spritz each time I change the sheets over the bed. Try not to over clutter bedside tables or bring too much paraphernalia around the head of the bed, such as technology, computers phones and tablets are too heavy in a bed. Go back to an alarm clock or better still tell your higher self what time you need to wake and as you will never let yourself down watch how you will effortlessly and gently wake yourself a few minutes before the alarm each and every time!


Kitchens are becoming more the hub of the home to gather, cook and converse. Orange is a very creative colour and also encourages us to eat more! A Mirrored or reflected splashback behind the stove or cooker gives a balance of good energy into the room and home.

Fix dripping taps so that your money doesn’t flow down the drain. When the sink is not in use level plugs in.

Spiritual Blessings/ Wealth Area

The heart of Feng Shui is the spiritual area of the home, always found in the south east corner. Find this by standing in the centre of your home and use a compass. Many mobile phones have an inbuilt compass you can use. Alternative print out the Bagua and lay it flat at your front door step. Remember to visualise the home as a square and the areas include all levels.  In this area put some coins or money even a pre-printed cheque from the universe paying you your desired financial rewards. This is the area to place an angel or any ornament symbolising those that watch over you. Include a healthy leafy or money tree to encourage living energy and money.

Bathroom/ Toilet

This area of the home needs to be kept clean tidy and with a feeling of freshness. Limit the colour blue even towels as it’s too much water energy in this area. Always put the toilet seat down and have the door closed at all times. These hints include ensuites and powder rooms.

Living room/ Lounge

This area is typically the communal area where everyone comes to connect. In the year of the Tiger its important not to have fire or too much noise in that area. During that year you can also balance things out by including a dish overflowing with current coins and money!

The lounge represents everyone’s health so allow it to be clutter free and peaceful. Include flowers and luxurious items where you want to feel rested and supported. Typically, this area has a fireplace if so, don’t put family photos on the mantle-piece as it relates to conflict and hot relationships.