Flower Shower

Aura-Soma Flower Shower is a hair and body shampoo containing herbal extracts and essential oils beneficial for cleansing and conditioning the skin and hair. They are available in a variety of colours with individual aromas.

Choose based on your soul colour or simply pick a colour you are drawn to.

Flower Shower range of 14 colours:

  • White …. Clean fresh and musk
  • Pink …. Delicate Turkish-delight delicate roses
  • Coral …. Geraniums fresh cut flowers in a bouquet
  • Orange …. Oranges and spices
  • Yellow …. Citrus lemons fruity
  • Gold  …. Fruity tangerines and zesty
  • Olive …. Lush forests and morning dews
  • Green …. Mint and pine
  • Turquoise ….Eucalyptus fresh ‘ Get Up & Go’
  • Royal Blue …. Lavender
  • Blue …. Sea breeze fresh clean and oceanic 
  • Purple …. Pot- and dried flowers
  • Violet …. Sweet and delicious tiny violets 
  • Magenta …. Pine and herbals 
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Flower Shower