Worship the Body, Soothe the Mind and Awaken the Soul!


It’s time to put the colour and meaning back into YOUR life.

Your spirit has directed you here to get the answers and connections you seek.

Based in Tauranga, New Zealand, Psychic Medium, Joycelle specialises in answering the tough questions with Tarot, Clairvoyance and can connect with your departed loved-ones.
From over 30 years’ experience she can give you guidance and clarity in your everyday life as well as offering advice on how to bring about a holistic approach in businesses. She regularly teaches all things psychic and spiritual as she believes it’s everyone’s birth-right.
Joycelle understands all things metaphysical. She loves to help put the colour back into your life with Aura-Soma® colour care.

Aura-Soma® is called soul healing.  That means it can help us to harmonize the spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical levels of our being and to find contact with our inner guidance.

It’s time to unleash the power of you and colourise your life!

Pick 4 Bottles now!

Get the answers to life’s burning questions from a tarot expert! 78 cards to offer guidance insight and all knowing!

As the veil between  realms fades now is the time to reach out to our departed loved- ones.

Joycelle is an astute medium.

A soiree with Spirit

Come join like-minds for regular fellowship, where you can practise your craft in a safe environment.

Guaranteed readings to all on the night.

Limited seats