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-Mother Teresa

Joycelle : How talk to the dead.

In 2010 “The Next Top Spiritual Author Competition” motivated her to put all her mediumship knowledge into this book. She was placed within the top 250 authors worldwide.

Joycelle: How to talk to the dead is a captivating account of some childhood experiences which lead her to work within the spiritual realm.

You will receive step by step instructions on how to connect with your departed loved-ones.

Close your eyes a moment and think, who is it you would like to see, feel and speak with again?

Joycelle, believes you don’t have to be gifted to connect with those in spirit. Join the waitlist to come to her regular Mediumship master class!

Limited editions are available.

RRP $40.99 NZ dollars. Free shipping within New Zealand.

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Joycelle how to talk to the dead

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