What has become of the thing I have lost?

  1. Stop everything … take a breath and no more frantic searching! 
  2. Stand in the middle of the room and repeat “I ordain my higher self to find … (item) by divine right under grace! I deny all loss, what is mine by divine right now returns to me by divine right!
  3. Works every time! Watch … the thing you are hunting for simply falls from the sky and into your hands! Typically happens within 48 hours.
  4. While you are waiting for the magical return, have some fun rolling the dice!

2 – Someone knows and could tell you if they choose.

3 – Let three days lapse and look again.

4 – It has been found by another who needs it more than you.

5 – It’s only mislaid and will be instantly found.

6 – It lies across or nearest to water. Check the bathroom.

7 – It is in the possession of another and may yet be returned.

8 – It is in or near a box with an inlaid or decorative design on the lid.

9 – It is where it ought to be.

10 – It is in clear view but not to you, ask a child to search for you.

11 – Let the finder keep it you shall have a far better one in the future.

12 – What is lost is yet to be found.